Family visits July 16, 2010

The week of July 11th-17th I had the remarkable opportunity to visit each of our Beca students in their homes.
W/ Maria Cecilia and her mother
With Maria Cecilia and her mother

The families are all native Tzutujil speakers, a Maya dialect; the students have learned to speak Spanish in school. Mynor, our point person in San Pedro, translated between my Spanish and the parents’ Tzutujil. I shared photos of my family and letters and photos from their sponsors. I gave each student a small blank book for drawing and writing about their dreams and plans for the future and we talked about their grades, their favorite subjects, and their career aspirations.

The families were so gracious and welcoming and so thankful for the assistance, often telling me they considered the assistance to be a gift for the whole family, not the student alone. It was one of the most powerful and emotional weeks of my life.

I’ve posted a few photos below and you can view the entire set on Flickr.

Sharing photos with Juan Carlos and his family
W/ Juan Carlos family

Talking with José Antonio about his latest grades
Jose Antonio

With Josefa Balam and her parents
W/ Josefa Balam and her parents

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