1st quarter letters and grades April 23, 2011

I can’t tell you what a day brightener it is to read through the letters that the students write to their sponsors at the end of each quarter! I’ve chosen to post the letter from Juana to those of us who sponsor her, a group of the special women in my life; clicking on the images will enlarge them slightly.

Letter from Juana to her sponsors
JuanaTuch 1st quarter letter

Translation (thanks to Mitch Wilson!):

April 11, 2011
To My Dear Sponsors: Stacey, Mariah, Rosie, Jeannie, Diana, Kathy, and Sharon:

I’m sending you my warmest and most heartfelt greetings, and may Our Savior Jesus Christ enlighten and guide you in your lives, and may he pour blessings upon your home. May our Holy Mother Mary protect you in all your daily affairs and cover you with a heavenly blanket.

Thank you for the support that you’ve given me during this time; I’m very happy that you’re helping me with my education. I’ve advanced a lot in my knowledge, and I’ve met a lot of friends. I’ve met a lot of teachers, too, and I think they’re really good. I like all my classes, but I especially like Artistic Expression because I like to draw.

My sister is now in fourth grade and has gotten really good grades. My dad is still working as a day laborer and my mom is a housewife. I help my mom with the house chores, but I also help my sister with her homework; if she doesn’t understand it, I help her.

Thank you for everything. I’ll say good-bye for now.

Your goddaughter
Juana Micaela Tuch Quiacaín

Juana with her parents
Juana's family

I’ve pasted Juana’s grade report below. Excellent marks – she’s obviously a very bright, athletic girl. Grades are based mainly on the result of midterm and/or final exams and tend to look lower than what you’d expect from committed students in the United States. Sometimes kids “fail” a specific course with a grade below 60 but are able to improve in that area another term. Scores in the 60’s and low 70’s are common, anything in the high 70’s and above is considered a high mark. Here’s a translated list of the subjects by number:

1 Communication and Language – L1 Mother tongue (Tzutuijil, the local Maya dialect)
2 Communication and Language – L2 Second language (Spanish)
3 Communication and Language – L3 Foreign Language, English
4 Communication and Language – Technology of Information and Communication
5 Mathematics
6 Natural Science and Technology
7 Social Science and Citizenship
8 Artistic Expression – Music
9 Artistic Expression – Art
10 Artistic Expression – Dance and Body Expression
11 Artistic Expression – Theater
12 Productivity and Development – Home Ec
13 Productivity and Development – Industrial Art (like Shop)
14 Productivity and Development – Accounting
15 Physical Education

Juana’s April 2011 grade report
Juana's grades

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