2011 Beca Family Visits July 25, 2011

Mike and I spent the week of July 10th, 2011 visiting all 22 Beca students and their families with Mynor, our main contact and advisor for the project in San Pedro La Laguna. It was an amazing, emotional, humbling, and memorable week. The families are so proud of their kids and so deeply grateful for the scholarship support which they consider to be a gift for the whole family, not just the student.

Many of the families live on just a dollar or 2 per day and their homes are very humble, sometimes built primarily of corn stalks and plastic sheeting. Often we sat on their beds as many homes have just 1 room plus an outside cooking area. Despite their limited means we were welcomed graciously into every home and frequently offered gifts and food. We learned to eat a light breakfast so we’d have room for the coffee and buns or tortillas they shared with us.

I’ve posted 10 of my favorite photos from the visits below (it was hard to choose!) and you can view a set of 45 here; there’s a slideshow link above the set to the right.

Maria Osorio shows us her crocheting
With Maria Osorio and her mother

Sharing photos with Jose Nehemias and his parents
With Jose Nehemias' family

In the kitchen with Jose Nehemias’ mother
Mother of Jose Nehemias

Tortilla lesson
Tortilla lesson - home of Jose Nehemias

With Maria Ujpan Tuch and her littlest sister in their new home (see previous blog posts)
With Maria Ujpan Tuch and her youngest sister

Juana Micaela

A small gift for Pedro Abimael’s grandmother
With Pedro Abimael's grandmother

Looking at photos with Andrea Guadalupe and her parents
With Andrea and her family

With Mariano and family
With Mariano and his family

Our friend and guide, Mynor, leading the way
Mynor enroute

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