New Beca students for 2012 November 19, 2011

We have sponsors for 11 new students for the beginning of the 2012 school, bringing our total to 30. I’ve posted one photo of each below and you can click here to check out the full collection of individual and family portraits on my flickr site; there’s a slideshow link above the set to the right. The photos were taken in the families’ homes the evening they learned their child was being offered an ongoing scholarship.

Ana Marina Tuch Gonzalez (center) and her family

Flor Maria Cristina Tó Yojcom

Francisco Ajpixila Garcia with his parents and younger brother

Candelaria Rosalinda Ramirez Petzey making tortillas

Juana Sharon Estefany Acajabón Quiacaín

Eugenio Garcia Gonzalez and his parents

Rosmery Karina Martin Calel
Rosmery Karina

Rosalinda Magdalena Ixtetelá Gonzalez
Rosalinda Magdalena and family

Jullissa Aju Sologui
Jullissa Aju Sologui

Josefina Coche Gonzalez (back row in red) and her happy family
Josefina Coche Gonzalez and family

Juan Navichoc Chichón
Juan Navichoc Chichon

Dorcas Puac Rocché (wearing black and white) and her family
Dorcas y familia

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