Ujpan Tuch house nears completion! April 12, 2011

Hello again mis amigos!
I recently received photos of the progress on the Ujpan Tuch home and it’s nearly complete! There are 8 in the family and the size of the lot is small – barely larger than the house footprint – so they built 2 stories. You can see from the 2nd and 3rd photos below that it’s a simple, sturdy, weather-proof structure. Daytime temperatures in San Pedro average in the 70′s year round so heating and cooling systems aren’t necessary. The Cooperativa school is already receiving contributions for the next home.

Here’s the family in front of their old home; Beca student MarĂ­a is top left
Maria's family

Top floor of new home
Ujpan Tuch - top floor

Bottom level with props and scaffolding still in place
Ujpan Tuch house - bottom floor

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