Videos! August 22, 2011

Here are some videos from our time in San Pedro La Laguna in July. You can see the entire collection of 10 videos by going to my “channel” on Youtube by clicking HERE.

First are 2 videos of Cecilia, mother of Beca student Rosa Yanira. When we stay in San Pedro we buy our fresh tortillas from Cecilia, shown in the video with her daughter-n-law. They typically charge 1 quetzal for 4 tortillas or about 38 cents per dozen! Click the 4 arrows at the bottom right to view full screen.

Cecilia is a talented weaver who makes exceptionally elegant fajas, the wrap-around sashes women use to hold their traditional wrapped skirts (faldas) in place.

As noted in the previous blog post, the kids put on a wonderful cultural presentation at the Beca celebration on July 16th. This video shows part of a beautiful traditional dance depicting the trading of goods in the market. If you pause the video at the very start you’ll see Rosa Yanira, María Cristina, María Osorio, Andrea Guadalupe (standing), Josefa Baram, and María Ujpan Tuch, left to right.

This one is a small section of a detailed and well-rehearsed play showing the traditions of courtship and marriage in San Pedro La Laguna. You’ll see the families grilling the young couple with questions, one of many circuits of apologies by the young couple at the request of the elders for causing so much trouble, and a pan of the audience. Other parts featured prayers, home visits, and the exchange of food. It’s conducted in Tz’utujil, the local Mayan language, the birth language of all the villagers. The voice you hear is Mariano, playing the role of one of the elders.

This one shows families enjoying the food, music, and good company at the celebration dinner – absolutely the highlight of our trip to San Pedro and one of the most fun events of my life. I’m happy to share these happy memories with you!

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