Visits to Beca students April 13, 2011

So far, sponsors of 4 Beca students have visited San Pedro and at least one more is planning a visit for this summer. You’ve seen my photos (or can view them in this Flickr set). Below is a photo taken in February when María Cristina Sarat González received a visit from her sponsors; I’ll post photos of other visits as I receive them. Everyone who has visited has been welcomed with open arms and has left humbled by the lives and gratitude of the kids and their families.

Maria Cristina (2nd from right) and family with sponsors
 María Cristina and family with sponsors

I plan to head back to San Pedro every year to visit the students and their families and to put on a celebration dinner; Mike and I will be doing that in mid July, 2011.

I’m starting to dream of a Beca group trip for August 2012. We’d include some sightseeing in addition to our time visiting in San Pedro and I could help plan trip extensions for anyone interested in further travels in Guatemala or neighboring countries (although Guatemala is my favorite country to visit, that blue water of Belize and Honduras can be pretty appealing). Happy trails!

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