2012 Beca Family Visits September 24, 2012

It is with a full, happy heart that I share these photos of some of my visits to the homes of Beca students this summer. With 31 students, that’s a lot of time invested and a lot of amazing memories of shared laughter and tears. The families are universally generous, warm, and welcoming. I’ve chosen to post 15 photos below and you can access the full set including images from each home HERE on flickr.

Looking at photos with Andrea and her parents

Hanging out with Candelaria (green blouse) and her family

Miguel’s great grandmother and Mynor laugh at my s’more photo
Miguel's great grandmother (91) and Mynor

Josefa Angelina (right) and her sisters are a lesson in devotion; they are making a happy life for each other without parents
Josefa Angelina (right) and sisters

These ducks were a gift from María Osorio and her family; I had to decline but was really touched by their generosity
My ducks at Maria Osorio's

Josefina (in blue) and her family

The hands of María Ujpan Tuch
Maria Ujpan Tuch

With Julissa and her grandmother and niece

Juana Sharon’s baby rabbit in my lap
Sharon's bunny

I was blessed to have half a dozen sponsors join me in San Pedro La Laguna this summer and some of my most powerful visits were with sponsors meeting their students for the 1st time:

Sharon with Eugenio and his parents

Juana (brown blouse) with 3 of her 6 sponsors: Sharon, Rosie (and son Jesse), and me
Juana with family and sponsors

Sue with Flor and her mother
Flor and sponsor

Juan Carlos with his parents and sponsor, Sharon
Juan Carlos and sponsor

María Elena (blue blouse) and family members with her 2 sponsors, Judie and me, and Mynor
Maria Elena and sponsors

Rosie and her son Jesse share photos of home on an iPad with Rosalinda and her parents
Rosalinda with parents and 1 of her sponsors

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Wow, great photos! Thanks for sharing.


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