New Beca students for 2013! November 29, 2012

I am delighted to announce we have 14 new Beca students eager to continue their education in 2013 thanks to generous donations to the Beca Project. I’ve posted a photo of each of them below and you can view the complete set HERE on my flickr photo site. That brings our total to 44 students with renewable scholarships!

Lucia Adamari Mendez Cortez
Lucia Adamari Mendez Cortez1

Francisco Adolfo Marroquin Coché (in gray) and family
Francisco Adolfo Marroquin Coché4

Noe Gonzalez Pop
Noe Gonzalez Pop2

Paulina Velasquez Quiacaín
Paulina Velasquez Quiacain1

Juan Gonzalez y Gonzalez (left) and family
Juan Gonzalez y Gonzalez3

Emerson Danilo Ajcabul Ajpop
Emerson Danilo Ajcabul Ajpop2

Rosario Griselda Larios Navichoc
Rosario Griselda Larios Navichoc1

Vicenta Ermelinda Chavajay Navichoc
Vicenta Ermelinda Chavajay Navichoc2

Maria Concepcion Puac Rocché
Maria Concepcion Puac Rocché1

Emilson Benjamin Vasquez Choy (right) and family
Emilson Benjamin Vasquez Choy4

Ana Petronila Ambrosio Mendoza
Ana Petronila Ambrosio Mendoza1

Mayke Alexandra Sarai Acajabon Quiacain
Mayke Alexandra Sarai Acajabon Quiacain1

Eneyda Magdalena Gonòn Toxcón
Eneyda Magdalena Gonòn Toxcón1

Diego Yancor (joined us mid year)

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Rachel November 29th, 2012

Congratulations Lucia, Francisco, Noe, Juan, Paulina, Emilson, Rosario! Best wishes for a wonderful year.

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