Beca folks around town April 10, 2013

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really, truly love being in San Pedro La Laguna. It feels good to be there and to know so many people. It’s great to run into the Beca kids and their families around town; here are some photos of those moments and you can see a larger set of photos by clicking here.

There are lots of additional photos – pushing 800! – including images of my host family, market scenes, Semana Santa (Easter week) celebrations and more in the 14 sets in my Guatemala 2013 collection; check them out if you’re interested!

Acolyte Francisco in a night procession
Acolyte Francisco

With Miguel’s great grandmother
With Miguel's great grandmother

Emilson’s typing practice
Emilson in typing class

María Concepción and her dad in the church band

Mynor and I run into Rosemary and her mother
Mynor with Rosemary and her mother

Noe (in the shades) shoulders an anda in an Easter procession
Carrying an anda in a Semana Santa (Easter) procession: Noe

María Ujpan Tuch (left) launches a 3 pointer
María Ujpan launching a 3 pointer

Tono’s mother (left) sells flowers in the market
Tono's mother selling flowers

Candelaria at her dad’s jewelry table
Candelaria at her dad's jewelry table

Pedro Nehemías (left) and his mother and brother stop by my room with a gift for his sponsor
Juan Ixcamparij, mother, brother

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