2013 Home Visits April 10, 2013

Greetings from Oregon! I just returned after 2 lovely weeks in Guatemala. Usually I visit in July and stay longer. With other family plans in place for July 2013, I grabbed a few extra days either side of spring vacation and celebrated all things Beca along with Semana Santa – Easter week – in San Pedro La Laguna.

I usually visit every family but with more than 40 students, that was not possible this trip. Mynor and I set our sights on visiting the families of each of the 13 new students and I’ve included some of my favorite photos below. You can access the whole, gigantic set on flickr by clicking here.

With Vicenta and her mother
With Vicenta and her mother

With Eneyda
With Eneyda

Paulina with her aunt, cousin, grandmother and father
Paulina's family

Varied reactions to a gift hen at Ana Petronila’s
With Ana Petronila's family

A treat at María Concepción’s house
From Maria Concepción's family

Gift from Emilson
With Emilson

Mayke’s bunnies
With Mayke and her mother

Lucia Adamari and her mother
Lucia and mother

With Juan Gonzalez and part of his family
Juan Gonzalez' family (part)

Noe and brother

At Rosario’s
With Rosario

The guys at Emerson’s house
Emerson's family

At Francisco Adolfo’s
Francisco Adolfo's family

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