New Beca Students for 2014! December 10, 2013

We have 17 new Beca students for the 2014 school year, bringing our total of supported students to 55! Earlier I posted photos here of the 1st 9 students and I’ve added 8 more; you can view additional photos of them in this set on my flickr site.

You might have read on the ‘About Us‘ page on our website that the 1st seeds of the Beca Project were planted when I visited local families in need in 2009 with my Spanish teacher, Mynor, and learned that children in the community can only continue in school beyond 6th grade if their parents can afford tuition; this has created a devastating cycle of poverty. The conversation started because of the 2 beautiful, bright-eyed girls in a family we visited; it broke my heart thinking that they wouldn’t have access to life-changing education and how that must feel to their mother, Manuela. The older daughter, Rosalia, received support for her education through a different organization. The younger daughter in that family is pictured twice below:

In 2009, as the inspiration for the Beca Project
Visiting families

And now, as an incoming Beca student: Maria Guadalupe Tuch Mendez (center)
Maria Guadalupe Tuch Mendez4

I have visited María and her family many times over the years and look forward to meeting these new students and their families next summer. So happy and proud to welcome them to the Beca Project!

Federico Alexander Meletz Mejia
Federico Alexander Meletz Mejia1

Aleida Rosario Mendez Sipac (center)
Aleida Rosario Mendez Sipac2

José Santiago Cortez Ramos
José Santiago Cortez Ramos1

Erick Nicolas Pichilla Yaxon (center, back row)
Erick Nicolas Pichilla Yaxon4

Paulina Adriana Bixcul Rodriguez
Paulina Adriana Bixcul Rodriguez1

Karina Mendoza Aju (on right)
Karina Mendoza Aju3

Jennifer Paulina Quiacaín Gonzalez

Mayra Elena Gonzalez Coche (center)

Paola Isabel Gonzalez Berduo (on left)

Vilma Rosario Bixcul Tepaz (center)

All of the above students have completed primary school and will be entering Basico, similar to a 7th/8th/9th grade Middle School in the US.

Jesus Briyit Ratzan Tuch has completed Basico and will be entering a 3 year program to become a bilingual secretary; since the 2 languages represented are English and Spanish, Jesus will be trilingual, since Tz’utujil Maya is the native language of all of our Beca students.
Jesus Briyit Ratzan Tuch1

Mariano Puac Mesia will be entering his 3rd and final year in a teacher training program.
Mariano Puac Mesia

Jeany María Hernández Chipir will begin her 3rd and final year of Basico this week.

In early March we added 3 more wonderful kids to our Beca family!

Lufi Concepción Ixtetela Pop with her aunt

Juan González Coche with his parents and little brothers

Ana Judith González (in her gym clothes) with her mother


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