New Cooperativa School May 14, 2013

I have loved the Cooperativa Spanish School since my 1st visit in 2007. What really makes the school great are the directors and the teachers and their wonderful social projects, but part of the attraction has been the gorgeous garden setting overlooking the lake.

With rising lease costs and lack of control, the directors of the Cooperativa School – our advisors in San Pedro – decided to invest in a centrally located property and build a new school facility from scratch with 2 styles of study cabañas dotting lawn and garden areas (which will grow more beautiful with time) and a handsome new office structure. At 1st I was sad about the move but am charmed by the new location and the choices they are making. When I visited in March they were just a week away from the move and I’ve posted some photos I took when I was there; you can see the full set here.

The new Cooperativa entrance
New Cooperativa School

Office tile in and awaiting grout
New Cooperativa School

Study cabaña
New Cooperativa School

Mynor checking the progress
New Cooperativa School

I am excited for the Cooperativa staff for this accomplishment and especially for the changes it could mean for the Beca Project.

In the past, having a base for Beca activities like letter writing, tutoring, study groups, English classes, photography workshops, parent meetings, and scheduled use of the laptops (donated to the Beca students last summer) has seemed like a fantasy. Now an opportunity has surfaced that sounds like the perfect solution. The school directors approached me during my March visit about the construction of a shared activity room on the roof of the office, for the activities I mention above as well as dozens more yet to be envisioned. They have shown unending devotion to the Beca Project (without renumeration) and report that sometimes their Spanish students ask to volunteer with the Beca students; having an available space at the Cooperativa School would be perfect.

They have also agreed to the construction of a small apartment. Visiting sponsors and volunteers could use the apartment as well as families who are temporarily homeless while the Cooperativa housing project builds them a new home. When it’s vacant, the school could rent it out to interested Spanish students.

I am very excited because these shared spaces will be a win-win, cost-effective way for all of us to have the space we need to continue our outreach. We are working together on the designs.

The photo below shows the school office during their grand opening celebration – the people on the roof are standing where our new shared spaces will be located and the last photo shows the lovely view.

Cooperativa grand opening

New Cooperativa School

Mike and I will be donating to get this project off the ground. If any of you are interested, donations specifically for the activity room will be gratefully received!

Isaac May 31st, 2013

What an incredible view! I’d really love to visit this new someday.

Ray June 8th, 2013

I am a retired algebra teacher,can build some ,worked on building projects,looking to teach or volunteer. Please advise.

Kim Lawbaugh June 9th, 2013

I’m really looking forward to spending a month at the new school this summer!!!!

Stacey June 11th, 2013

Ray -
Thanks for your interest in the Beca Project! Please send an email to the address on the contacts page so we can brainstorm ideas for you.

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