The Navichoc Pacay house is complete! February 18, 2013

I’m so happy and proud to announce in this blog that the Navichoc Pacay family has moved into their brand new home! Here’s the photo we received in 2009 when older daughter Andrea became our very 1st Beca student.

Navichoc Pacay family

The Cooperativa School directors started their Kamoon home building project in 2009 and this is the 2nd home they’ve completed. A former student of the school made this video about the project which makes it very clear why this deserving family needed a new home.

I’ve posted a few photos to show the process below. To view a set of 20 photos on my flickr page, click HERE; there’s a place to click and view a slideshow of the photos.

Old house: now you see it…
Navichoc Pacay house outside

…and now you don’t.
Navichoc Pacay house

Construction begins
Navichoc Pacay house

Walls going up
Navichoc Pacay house

Mixing cement for the roof
Navichoc Pacay house bucket brigade

Mynor lends a hand
Navichoc Pacay house bucket brigade

Cooperativa Spanish students help with the bucket brigade
Navichoc Pacay house bucket brigade

Cooperativa director Antonio says a few words
Antonio speaks

Andrea’s parents enter their new home
Grand entrance

A new deserving family has been selected for home #3 – Petrona and kids – and fundraising is already about 80% complete, in large part due to the generous donations of Beca sponsors. Donations gratefully received!

In this video you can learn more about San Pedro, see the family and the condition of their current home, and listen to the local Maya language, Tz’utujil. You can click in the image below to watch it here or go to the Youtube page for a larger version.

I’m looking forward to visiting in March 2013 to (among other things!) see the Navichoc Pacay family’s new home and to meet Petrona and her family. Happy trails!


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