New Kamoon Home #3! January 19, 2014

In 2009 the Cooperativa School directors dreamed of building homes for the families of San Pedro La Laguna with the most severe need. That dream is coming true for a 3rd family this year, the family of Petronila Navichoc Ujpan and her children. You can watch a video about the family and their home HERE.

This new home was funded almost entirely by donations from Beca Project sponsors, including one couple who donated more than $10,000 so this family could have a safe, comfortable new place to live. I am so grateful for their generosity and proud that Beca Project can help support this important work.

An eager group of directors, teachers, and volunteers – including Spanish students from the school – gathered early this morning to begin the process of demolishing Petronila’s old house. These 1st 4 photos show how much they accomplished in just 1 morning and continue reading for updates on the progress.

The house “before”

Petronila and 1 of her daughters watch from the doorway

Cooperativa teachers and volunteers gather

Ready to start

Hard at work

End of 1st morning – no house!

Early March update – great progress!

Early April update: the cement roof goes on. I like seeing that Spanish students at the Cooperativa Spanish School are volunteering.
April Petronila 1

April Petronila 2

April Petronila 3

April Petronila 4

Early May update: top floor goes up – looks like another month will do it!




Early June – nearly complete!



In June there was a celebration and the family moved in to their beautiful new home. Here are 4 photos from the special day…





And 1 from a visit I made to their home with a group of Beca sponsors in July.


If you would like to view a photo set that includes photos from this as well as the 2nd Kamoon Project home, click HERE. You can also view videos of the all 3 Kamoon Project homes on the Cooperativa Spanish School’s MEDIA PAGE – more videos are on the way. Onward and upward!

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