New Beca Students for 2016! January 15, 2016

We are so happy and proud to welcome 9 bright-eyed new students to Beca Project for the 2016 school year. I’ve pasted a few photos below and you can view the whole set by clicking

Miriam Josefa Ajcac Bay and family
Miriam Josefa Ajcac Bay y familia

Vilma Rosario Tuch Mendoza
Vilma Rosario Tuch Mendoza

Ashley Maria Ajcac Pop and family
Ashley Maria Ajcac Pop y familia 1

Katarina Cruz Cruz
Katarina Cruz Cruz

Rosa Fatima Coche Cholotio and her mother
Rosa Fatima Coche Cholotio y madre

Maria Concepción Cortez Quiacain
Maria Concepción Cortez Quiacain

Plácido Baltazar Sanchez Rodriguez and her mother
Plácido Baltazar Sanchez Rodriguez y madre

Juan Pablo Raxic Chavajay
Juan Pablo Raxic Chavajay

Dorly Maximina Tuch Puac and her parents
Dorly Maximina Tuch Puac y padres

In preparation for the new school year, Beca Project students and their families attended an orientation meeting at the Cooperativa Spanish School, registered for school, were measured for school uniforms, and shopped for school supplies.

Mtg 5

Mtg 16

Shopping 2

Ana Judith

The complete set of the school prep photos is HERE.

Here’s to a successful year for 75 deserving Beca Project students in San Pedro la Laguna!

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