April 2017 visit to San Pedro June 7, 2017

Mike and I spent much of April in San Pedro La Laguna and – as always – our interactions with Beca Project students and their families were highlights of our visit. Walking the streets and trails of the town and shopping in the market, we often run into current and graduated Beca Project students; here are a few examples.

José Antonio González Pichillá (‘Tono’) on the job

Ana Judith González with her church group during Semana Santa

Rosa Maria Chavajay Quiacain (2nd from right) carrying an anda during a Semana Santa parade

Rosa Maria Navichoc selling tortillas in the market with her mother

During our first 5 years I was able to visit all of the Beca Project student in their homes every year. Since then we’ve grown to the point it is no longer realistic to do so. When other sponsors are visiting I enjoy the opportunity to join them for family visits and at the very least, Mynor and I visit the families of each of the new students every year. In April I was able to visit a few of the new students and will visit the rest when I return in August.

Lorenzo Xiquin Quiacain (right)

Lucía Paola Chipir Chavajay (yellow shirt)

Juanita Ester Mendez Esquina (right)

Because I can’t visit each student’s home, I plan group celebrations in order to connect with as many students as possible. Here are a few photos of the ice cream parties Mike and I held on the rooftop terrace of our Ti Wachooch – 6 in 1 week!




You can view the complete album of our Beca Project encounters, visits, and parties by clicking HERE. Click HERE to see all of the photo albums from our April 2017 trip.

Happy trails!

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