New home, new students, and a new school year. April 30, 2018

In the previous blog post I talked about the Cooperativa Spanish School‘s latest ‘Kamoon’ home building project. I’m happy to announce that the home is finished! The Quem Martin family moved into their beautiful new home in January; here’s a video about the construction and celebration:

This was the 5th Kamoon Project home to be completed; you can see videos of all of them by clicking HERE.

We have 11 new Beca Project students this year! In December our advisors – the directors of the Cooperativa Spanish School – hosted the annual orientation meeting, then in January the kids registered, were measured for uniforms, went shopping for supplies, and headed back to school.

I’ve placed a few photos below and you can view the whole set by clicking HERE.

Emmanuel José Alforzo Rocché Mendez with his mother and brothers
Emmanuel José Alforzo Rocché Mendez 3

Rosalia Aracely Larios Pop
Rosalia Aracely Larios Pop 2

Elena Teresa Puac Ixmatá and family
Elena Teresa Puac Ixmatá 3

Orientation meeting
Beca meeting 2

School Registration


Manuel Rufina Pichilla Ixmatá

Alison Michel Gonzelez Gonzalez

I can hardly wait to meet the new students and visit the Quem Martin family in their new home when I head back to San Pedro La Laguna in July. Happy trails!

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